House and Garden Top Shooter

House and Garden Top Shooter 

It is known as the best flowering stimulator available, House and Garden Top Shooter is similarto Shooting Powder. However, while Shooting Powder is a powdered form, Top Shooter is soldas a gel and thus easier to apply. Top Shooter is designed to enforce a new growth stage duringthe final stage of the flowering cycle, around when the fruit is ready to be harvested. TopShooter not only adds a pleasing taste and aroma, but your plants will have a density andquality that is almost unheard of with other growth systems.

House and Garden Top Shooter adds a new layer of growth to each plant to produce an outstanding crop and willnot affect the quality of your harvest. It has been known to increase the overallyield by up to 30%.
Along with proper CO2, light and heat conditions, Top Shooter will produce an additional setbuds and flowers that are beyond your wildest imagination. Both commercial and privatefarmers alike have been blown away by the results of this innovative product.

Directions for use: Prepare you nutrient system as usual, then adjust your EC levels beforeadding Top Shooter. Make sure to adjust your pH levels. You should follow the specificdirections on the packaging per your type of vegetation.

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House and Garden Top Shooter

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