Canna Tap For 5L & 10L Nutrients

Canna Tap for Canna 5L & 10L Containers

The Canna Tap provides an easy solution to measuring out small amounts of liquid from one of their large 5-litre or 10-litre containers. What a great idea!

  • Fits all 5-litre and 10-litre Canna nutrient containers
  • Allows you to easily dispense your nutrients out of large and heavy containers
  • Liquid flow is easily adjustable
  • Integral breather pipe allows air into the container as liquid is dispensed out
  • Breather pipe prevents “glugging” or lock-ups as liquid is poured
  • Off and On positions are marked on the tap handle


1 x Canna Tap for Canna 5L & 10L Containers.

How the Canna Tap Works

The Canna Tap fits straight on to an open 5-litre or 10-litre Canna nutrient container. The container can then be laid on it’s side (like a wine-barrel). The tap can then be used to pour out nutrient without having to try to carefully lift and tilt a heavy container. The large tap-handle allows you to adjust the flow-rate very easily. An integral breather pipe allows air into the container as liquid is poured out. This allows smooth liquid flow and prevents “glugging” and lock-ups of the liquid as it comes out.

Using the Canna Tap

Simply unscrew the top off your large Canna nutrient container and screw on the Canna Tap in it’s place very firmly. Make sure that the tap handle is in the Off position and then lay the nutrient container on it’s side so that the tap sits over the edge of a shelf or table. Place your measuring beaker or other receptacle under the tap and turn the handle towards the On position until the desired flow-rate is reached. When enough liquid has been poured, return the handle to the Off position. It is probably wise to return the container to it’s upright position afterwards to prevent any possibility of leaks or accidents.

If you use the same tap for pouring off from several different containers then make sure that the tap is rinsed thoroughly with water in-between each change to prevent cross-contamination between nutrient bottles. 

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Canna Tap For 5L & 10L Nutrients

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