Adjust-A-Wing Reflector

Adjust-A-Wing Reflector

Adjust-A-Wings are high quality, glass coated reflectors that direct excess light away from the growth area and allow the right amount of light to pass from lamp to plants whilst reducing heat and saving energy. With a reflective aluminium surface these flexible reflectors allow you to reposition and focus where you want to direct light to your plants to achieve maximum growth and high standard plants.

Adjust-A-Wing Enforcer

The Enforcer is a low cost and durable reflector wing with an 86% reflective aluminium surface that can increase your crop by 50% and overall growing area by 75%. The design allows heat and air to flow freely meaning you can position the reflector in close proximity to plants without the risk of burning or overheating. The Enforcer is a lower cost product suitable for growers who are testing out reflectors with their crop without the commitment of buying a more expensive product such as the Avenger. 


  • Energy saving and value for money
  • Increases crop growth area by 75%
  • Adjustable to suit your needs 
  • 86% reflective aluminium surface

To maximise the effect of the Enforcer you can also purchase a Super Spreader to manage hot spots in your growth canopy. The Enforcer is available in small, medium and large sizes to suit your requirements. 

Adjust-A-Wing Avenger 

The Avenger is a top quality product with the most durable and reflective surface available on the market at this time. Made with a 97% reflective vapour coated surface, the Avenger is twice as effective as any other traditional reflector. Certainly, it can increase the area of growth beneath each lamp by 75% whilst encouraging optimum plant health and vitality for an overall high quality yield. The Adjust-A-Wing Avenger provides overall even light distribution to ensure balanced growth and has an easily adjusted wingspan that can be positioned to suit your heat requirements for optimum lighting conditions. 


  • It is pretty durable and non corrosive 
  • It comes with 97% reflective surface
  • Offers up to 20 years guaranteed reflection 
  • Curved, metal anchors and easy installation 
  • Wingspan of Adjust-A-Wing Avenger can be adjusted without any hassle

The Adjust-A-Wing Avenger is available in medium and large sizes to suit your requirements and can be used alongside the Super Spreader to maximise light dispersion amongst your crop. 

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Adjust-A-Wing Reflector

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