Gavita Pro 1700e LED

Gavita Pro 1700e LED

The Gavita Pro 1700e LED grow light produces a footprint that's almost perfectly even! Running at a ground-breaking 2.6 µmol per watt, it loses very little of its power to excess heat, turning it instead into ultra-high levels of full-spectrum light that your plants will love! It's no

exaggeration to say that this Gavita LED is a premium product and is one of the most technologically advanced LED grow lights in the UK.

  • Runs at 2.6 µmol per watt - get more light for the same power useage! By comparison, the very best professional HPS grow lights produce only 2.1 µmols per watt and most produce a lot less (down to as little as 1.8 µmols per watt or less
  • A 645 watt unit designed to get the best out of a 1.2m x 1.2m grow space (4' x 4' for flowering to a maximum of 5' x 5' for veg)
  • Can be hung at between 24" to 36" (about 61 to 92cm) for acclimatised plants at peak flowering
  • With 8 LED light bars it delivers an incredibly even spread, covering the corners as effectively as the centre. Together with the very low profile of this Gavita LED grow light means you will usually not need a tall tent
  • Greatly reduces heat issues, making the environment 30-40% easier to control than similar power HPS set-ups
  • The product of years of testing by the Gavita LED R&D department
  • Utilises premium grade Osram and Samsung LEDs which produce a total PAR of 1700 µmols
  • Passively cooled - no loud and irritating fans to produce unwanted noise
  • Stylishly designed with a lightweight housing
  • Certified as safe to use in wet environments - grow with absolute peace of mind!
  • Can be dimmed by up to 50% without compromising the spectrum (requires adapter)

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Gavita Pro 1700e LED

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