Dutch Pro Explode

Dutch Pro Explode 

Dutch Pro Explode is a power flowering booster to the overproduction and essential oil increaser for intensely potent crops with larger crop yields. Dutch Pro Explode is to be used at the first sign of flower or fruit buds and has active ingredients that are all natural to produce an increase and over production of crops. There is a need for extra phosphorous and potassium for increased energy and Dutch Pro Explode offers increased PK averages for super energy to propel the reproduction cycle into overdrive.

Dutch Pro Explode also delivers the much needed energy increasing micro nutrients, vitamins and proper acid balance to increase growth of crops. During the end of the fruiting and bloom stages Dutch Pro Explode causes the extreme hardening of the tops of the crops increasing essential oil production, potency and increased aromatics. 


Works wonders in all types of grow mediums like clay, coco, soil and pebbles

Super energy production from carbs, micro nutrients, vitamins, increased potassium and phosphorous along with balanced acids

Can be used with other Dutch Pro additives and nutrients

Developed for hydroponics gardening and hand watered plants

Dutch Pro Explode has taken over the bloom boosters and stimulators all over the world by professional growers who want larger, potent and essential oil infused crops. Dutch Pro Explode should be used during the 9 week fruiting and bloom phases.

Dosage: Bloom week 3-4 - 0.5ML per 1 Litre of Water, Bloom week 5-6 - 1ml per 1 Litre of water, Bloom week 7-8 - 1.5ml per 1 Litre of water and week 9 Flush

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Dutch Pro Explode

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