Aqua Master Combo Pen P100 Pro

The Aqua Master Combo Pen P100 Pro is ideal for measuring the EC, pH and temperature of liquid plant nutrition and water in swimming pools, Jacuzzis and ponds. The user-friendly buttons can be used to effortlessly switch between the parameters. The meter is delivered fully calibrated and includes batteries.

  1. Remove the protective cover.
  1. Gently clean the electrode with distilled water and dry it off.
  1. Press the On/off button to start the meter.
  1. Insert the meter upright into the solution up to the edge and stir gently. Wait a few seconds for the correct value to appear on the display.
  1. Press the C/F button, to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit.
  1. Press the MODE button to switch between PH and EC.
  1. Rinse the electrode with water after use and press the On/off button to turn off the meter.

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Aqua Master Combo Pen P100 Pro

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