Formulex is an all-purpose mixture of nutrients for either hydroponic or soil gardening needs. It is used across the globe for any situation after rooting all the way through to the blooming phase. Formulex is ideal for use in propagation plugs and cubes for pre-fertilization of young plants. It is a great fit for herb plants on a full feeding schedule as well. Formulex was developed by Growth Technologies and scientifically proven to be 100% nutrient complete, PH balanced and stable with all the macro and micro nutrients to provide all floral and vegetative plants healthy growth and strength. 

Benefits of Growth Technology Formulex

Completely balanced PH to leave hydroponic growers without the worry of constant metering
Manufactured laboratory grade materials to outshine others and is an astounding breakthrough for the horticulture world
Nutrient rich solution based for the utmost in hydroponic gardening uses
Formulex gives the first all in one nutrient rich formula in one container
The most stable formula full of macro and micro nutrients that stand up to the harshest elements to be available through all         phases of growth and bloom. 
Formulex is highly concentrated to give 100X the volume of nutrient rich solution formulation
The most versatile of all the nutrient dense needs in either soil or hydroponic growing environments

Whether you are growing herbs or flowering foliage, the use of Formulex with its powerful, nutrient rich solution will deliver a completely balanced, versatile and stable feed supply for overall health and strength of your plants.

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Formulex is an all-purpose mixture of nutrients for either hydroponic or soil gardening needs. It is..