Nutrient & PH Control

During hydroponic testing there is a need to sustain optimal PH, electrical conductivity (EC) and temperatures to create the perfect environment for the proper growth and overall health of your plants to provide the best quality crops with higher potency and larger more robust yields. The Bluelab combo meter can test the conductivity, PH level and temperature all in one easy to use meter. Conductivity tests can give you the ability to check the soluble salt levels within your nutrients to prevent root burn and feed amounts and is imperative to overall health. Controlling the PH levels within the medium is important for nutrient uptake to be optimal. The use of Essentials PH up and PH down can help you regulate your grow medium to what is the perfect level for your plants. Use Essentials Buffer 7 or Essentials PH 4 for testing your Plantit Digital PH Meter or Bluelab Combo or Truncheon meters. The use of hydrometers, thermometers and nutrient meters are of great importance to give your plants the best environment to thrive.

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BlueLab Combo Meter

Its all you need for simple and reliable crop management.(Proof of purchase is required)FeaturesMeas..


Bluelab EC Truncheon

Waterproof materialSimplistic design with no buttons or switchesProvides readings in CF, EC, ppm 500..


Bluelab PH Meter

As the meter is portable and does not need a power supply to operate, it can be used anywhere and an..


Cf/EC Calibration Fluid

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Digital Min/Max Thermo-Hygrometer

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Essentials Buffer 7

Essentials PH Buffer 7 is simply a liquid with a constant PH value of 7. This product is used to cal..


Essentials Digital EC Meter

It is significantly low cost and low energyIt has been made to effectively measure the strength of n..


Essentials PH Down & PH Up

Essentials pH adjusters work simply by altering the pH of a solution. If the current pH is at 5 (sli..


Essentials PH Meter

Digital display for accurate readingsEasy calibration Excellent value for moneyTo get the most ..


Essentials PH Test Kit (Wide Spectrum) 4 - 8.5 ph

Manual PH test kits which are very easy to use. Simply half fill the test tube with nutrient solutio..


Measuring and Pouring

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Nutrient and Air Thermometer

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