Rhino Hobby Extraction Kits (Acoustic Ducting)

Rhino Hobby Extraction Kits (Acoustic Ducting)

The Rhino Hobby Extraction Kit with Acoustic Ducting , like all Rhino products , is built to stand the test of time. When you need large volumes of air removed, especially hot and stale air, then you want to consider a Rhino Hobby Extraction Kit 
Greenhouses and Grow rooms often can get suffocatingly stuffy and the air content unbearable for humans as well as the plants.  The use of a fan can do wonders.  And when it’s the Systemair RVK fan, you can be assured of the most silent and reliable fan out there.

Benefits of the Systemair Sileo RVK

  • This fan mounts easily either horizontally or vertically and comes with a bracket, where any wall or ceiling will do
  • If you want extra control, fit the Systemair RVK fan to a Rhino fan speed controller and know that you can ensure your plants grow at the correct temperature
  • By utilizing active carbon along with the fan, you can absorb undesirable odours.  In addition, make the use of an extraction fan which will restore fresh air to the greenhouse or grow room
  • So, you know you are getting a strong and reliable fan, the casing is made from fibreglass reinforced plastic
  • For safety and a good look, all the Systemair RVK fans are fitted with external rotor motors and backward curving blades

The Carbon Filter

The Rhino Hobby filters are mimicked on the Rhino Pro range, so you know you are getting a quality carbon air filter. The carbon is what attracts and absorbs the bad air and pollutants, so is a very important part of the filter system.  The only difference between the Hobby filter and the Pro filter is that there is a lesser density of carbon in the Hobby, 30mm precisely.  But this is easier for a novice grower to handle and manage.

The reversible neck, one of its kinds on the market, will help extend the life of the carbon and ensure it reaches its 12 month lifespan, if not longer.

Ducting and Clamps

Rhino Hobby Kits come with Rhino acoustic ducting that is specailly designed to reduce the noise produce by the extraction fan and 2 Rhino clamps.  All additions are genuine Rhino accessories.  

Included in the Rhino Hobby Extraction Kit

  • Systemair RVK Sileo Fan 
  • 13 Amp 3 Pin Plug 
  • Rhino Hobby Carbon Filter 
  • 5 Metres of Rhino Acoustic Ducting
  • 2 x Rhino Ducting Clips 

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Rhino Hobby Extraction Kits (Acoustic Ducting)

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