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Round Plant Pot Saucers 

A complete size range of Round Plant Pot Saucers to suit our range of Round Black Plant Pots and Root Pouch Fabric Plant Pots.

18cm Round Saucer - 3 Litre Round Pots or 3.8 Litre Fabric Pots

20cm Round Saucer - 5 Litre Round Pots 

25cm Round Saucer - 7.5 and 10 Litre Round Pots or 8 and 12 Litre Fabric Pots

30cm Round Saucer - 15 and 20 Litre Round Pots or 16 Litre Fabric Pots 

35cm Round Saucer - 30 Litre Round Pots or 30 Litre Fabric Pot  

40cm Round Saucer - 39 Litre Fabric Pots

45cm Round Saucer

50cm Round Saucer - 56 Litre Fabric Pots

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Round Plant Pot Saucers

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