90 Litre Brummie Bubbler Full Kit

90 Litre Brummie Bubbler

The 90 Litre Brummie Bubbler  is a hybrid growing system that effectively combines bubbling and dripping methods to produce stunning results. It delivers feed to a single plant via aerated nutrient solution at the root level and also via an automated drip ring - the latter of which allows you to run the system on full with the plant in place immediately after transplanting. For the first time ever you no longer have to initially hand water young plants growing in a bubbler related set up!

90 Litre Brummie bubbler kits come complete with :

  • 1 x 16 Litre  Heavy Duty Top Tray
  • 1 x Boyu FP-350 Adjustable pump - 350L/HR
  • 1 x Boyu S-2000 Adjustable Air Pump 2 way - 480L/HR

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90 Litre Brummie Bubbler

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