Active Eye Microscope (60x - 100x)

Active Eye Microscope (60x - 100x)

The Active Eye microscope is absolutely invaluable for the identification of pests and other problems on your plants. This handy little microscope features a white LED light, adjustable zoom from 60x - 100x and a focus wheel - just right for any gardeners pocket!

  • Great for the identification of garden pests and diseases
  • White LED light gives an accurate idea of colours
  • Adjustable magnification from 60x to 100x
  • Separate focus wheel
  • Pocket-size & lightweight
  • Includes a pest and disease indentification chart for the 9 most common problems

1 x Active Eye Small Microscope 60X - 100X,

1 x leatherette pouch, batteries included.

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Active Eye Microscope (60x - 100x)

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