Ecotechnics EVO C02 Sensor

Ecotechnics Evolution CO2 Sensor 

The new solid state evolution CO2 sensor from Ecotechnics Represents the latest state of the art sensor technology utilizing advanced solid state Indium Antimonide LED’s and detectors with Precision engineered, gold plated optics to provide high accuracy fast response real time CO2 sensing from 0-10,000ppm.

For the purpose of maintaining optimal concentrations of CO2 in your grow area, there really is no better option than an Ecotechnics Evolution CO2 Sensor and its complimentary equipment: the Evolution CO2 Controller and the UNIS CO2 Regulator. The Evolution CO2 Sensor detects levels in the surrounding air and feeds the information back to your Controller, which then tells the Regulator how often, and for how long, CO2 should be released from a cylinder.


  • User friendly CO2 Sensor that’s very accurate and very reliable.
  • The CO2 Sensor is simple to set up and use
  • Full 1 year warranty 

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Ecotechnics EVO C02 Sensor

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•  The CO2 Regulator is really simple to set up and use.•  Full 1 year warranty.Carbon Dio..