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Dutch Pro Calmag is a supplementary additive that will correct deficiencies of magnesium and calcium. Fast growing plants can quickly get through the available elements and growth can suffer if more is not provided. That’s where Calmag comes in! The concentrated formula addresses the lack of elements and helps get the plant back on track. Dutch Pro have also included some nitrogen in the mix to boost plant growth. As it is one of the big 3 macro elements, the plants uses it in great quantities to create enzymes, amino acids and chlorophyll molecules.


Magnesium is also an important part of the chlorophyll molecule and without it the plant cannot process light and co2 into sugars. It also helps activate enzymes to keep plant processes working at maximum efficiency. A lack of magnesium can seriously disrupt the plants ability to develop, so they should always have an adequate supply.


Calcium is an important element in the structure of plant cells, strengthening the walls and making the plant more rigid. It is also found in many plant enzymes and assist in nutrient transport. Calcium is hard for the plant to move around and once it is in place, it stays there. This is why you’ll often notice a deficiency in new leaves, as the older ones will contain calcium. A lack of calcium will stunt new growth and prevent proper development.


Dutch Pro Calmag doses at 1ml per litre and is suitable for use in any substrate and any hydro system. It is a clean product and creates no residues in water tanks.

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Dutch Pro Calmag

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