Canadian Xpress Head Masta

Canadian Xpress Head Masta 

Canadian Xpress Head Masta is a top of the line enhancer for flowers and plants. It adds a nice fragrance and flavour to greenery and flowers. This product was designed to enhance the quality of crops to make them produce a better quality outcome than others. It can be accompanied by other nutrients to help improve the quality of the products.

This product contains ingredients that work to improve the yield of the plant’s production. Therefore, yielding a greater quality of crop. Today’s technological approach to plant production requires sophisticated options.

Here are a few convenience features to consider:

  • Canadian Xpress Head Masta is advanced with technical products that work rapidly
  • Signals the plant’s inner hormonal flowering abilities to intensify the budding process
  • Quad directive flowering enhancer for larger grounds of crop and greater quality
  • Delivers nutrients to certify  prime production of flowers and plants
  • Silicon ingredient helps to develop durable cell walls  and improve weight
  •  Assists plants with quality water intake
  • Ideal as an additive to a variety of Canadian Xpress boosters and essences for horticulture
  • Contains no PRG'S

Performance of Canadian Xpress Head Masta

One of the most exciting things about Canadian Xpress Head Masta is the quality of the ingredients used to formulate the substance. These are pure quality ingredients that when combined, they work together to enhance the process of flower and plant production. Growers experience larger yields of indigenous quality of their crops. This product makes it possible for growers to trust the growth process without the extra work or effort it requires to produce a quality crop. It combines the proper elements to produce a nourishing environment to stimulate the hormonal budding trigger to enhance the formation and production of buds and flowers.

In addition, this product delivers the essential nutrients to make certain that plants receive the proper amount of minerals and vitamins for production and growth. The silicon additive helps to develop intense cell walls to aide in weight development in the ultimate product and motivates the flower to crave potassium. Finally, Canadian Xpress Head Masta aides plants in the proper regulation of water intake. Plants or flowers that consume massive amounts of nutrients could possibly ingest too much or not enough water. This can cause the flowering process to produce less and be of less quality. Canadian Xpress Head Masta ensures that the plants or flowers takes in ample amounts of water to allow them to experience optimized flower production.

Tips for Use of Canadian Xpress Head Masta 

It is recommended that Canadian Xpress Head Masta should be used from week two of flowering up until the flush for best results use with Canadian Xpress Mighty Bloom Enhancer. Be sure to shake container well before each use. This ensures that the ingredients are mixed well prior to distribution and permits a quality delivery with each use. Mix your normal vitamin and mineral solution as always and combine Canadian Xpress Head Masta at a 1ml per 1Litre proportion. pH balance can be adjusted as needed.

It is important to remember that as with all minerals and vitamins, enhancers and additives should not be combined or mixed in their concentrated or original form. Therefore, they should never be mixed directly from the container. You should add each vitamin, mineral, enhancer or booster to the water and follow-up by adamantly stirring the solution prior to the addition of the next additive.

Suggestions for Mixing Nutrients and Additives for Your Flowers and Plants 


1. Use Purified Water

Impurities exist in tap water and this can cause harm to flowers and plants. If you fail to remove them, these impurities can cause contamination and:

  • Destroy valuable microorganisms and bacteria
  • Adjust the PH Balance
  • Impact the concentration of the existing nutrients in the product or feed
  • Impede the uptake of nutrients
When utilizing any substance with living organisms, you should always use purified water. Here are a few recommended steps for growers to consider.

  • It may help to the water sit for up to 48 hours to eliminate chlorine
  • It is most helpful to utilize filters to extract almost any existing impurity

2. Target the Proper Strength of Nutrients

Conductivity Factor or electrical conductivity is utilized to measure strength in nutrients. These systems both use varying numbers to deliver the same information. They let growers know the number of dissolved salts that are present in solutions. The stronger the feed, the greater the conductivity factor or electrical conductivity reading. There are several factors that should help you determine which nutrient strength is ideal for your growing conditions. On average, growers should attempt to obtain the following:

  • Beginning stage plants – 6-12 conductivity factor
  • Developing or mid-stage plants – 10-16 conductivity factor
  • Established plants – 15-20 conductivity factor
There are measuring instruments available to verify the strength of nutrients. Also note that the temperature can alter the conductivity factor reading. Cold nutrient mixtures will deliver a lower reading than warm solution mixtures.

3. Mix In Additives Prior to Adding Nutrients

There are a few boosters that should go directly into the growth media. However, most should be added to the solution of nutrients. Primarily, mix-in boosters and follow-up with additives. Next, finish the solution by adding the nutrients until the proper conductivity factor reading is obtained.

4. Maintain a PH between of a minimum of 5.5 and a maximum of 6.5

Plants will absorb vitamins and nutrients based on their pH. It is recommended that you obtain a pH balance of 6 but a minimum of 5.5 and a maximum of 6.5 will work also. Adjust the pH if it is below or above this recommended range. As plants consume the nutrients, pH in the feed begins to float. Check the levels periodically and make any necessary adjustments to keep it within the recommended range.

5. Know the Signs of Insufficient Feeding

Observe your plants to ensure that they aren’t being fed too little or too much. If it appears either is the case, alter the strength of the solution or feed being used.

Canadian Xpress Head Masta transforms your plants and flowers into high quality crops. Quality, aroma, and production is improved, and there is an upsurge in resin and oil.

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Canadian Xpress Head Masta

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