AirBomz Co2 Dispenser

AirBomz Co2 Dispenser

Airbomz is a new co2 dispenser unit – complete with a remote control. Raising co2 levels in grow rooms to the desired 1200ppm – this product is an excellent way to disperse co2 into your grow room environment.

The Airbomz dispenser unit is complete with a 60 gram Pure Co2 canister which will provide co2 in your grow room for around 1 week on the lowest setting and can increase your overall yield. Replacement Airbomz Co2 Canisters are 60 grams and will last between 4 - 6 weeks.

Why Use Airbomz Co2 Dispenser

  • Increase in yield
  • Grow area raised to 1200ppm
  • Suitable for a 1.2-1.5 sqm tent
  • Shortens the crop cycle
  • Allows you to grow in higher temp and humidity levels

How To Use Airbomz Dispenser

Easy and simple to setup and operated - the remote control and the dispenser use batteries. Once you have placed the Dispenser onto the Co2 Can - set the the timer to your desired frequency and place it in your growing area.
Operated by batteries the Airbomz Co2 Dispenser Remote Control uses 2 x AAA and Airbomz Dispenser uses 2 x D Batteries

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AirBomz Co2 Dispenser

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