Plant Pots & Trays

No grow room would be complete without a range of pots, trays and resevoirs to suit your plants. Designed to waste as little space as possible , Atami Wilma Square Pots range in size from 0.7 litres to 25 litres but for those that prefer a more traditional look we carry a similar range of round plant pots. We also have a wide range of net pots designed for ease of propagation and growth. An excellent alternative to the traditional pot is the Root Pouch Fabric Plant Pot. These pots, made from recycled plastic, are biodegradable so the entire pot can be placed in the ground if the plant is to be transplanted outside. Our 90 litre robust, rectangular tank will fit into any hydroponic or pot feeding station and will hold enough water to suit a small to medium operation. In addition to this rectangular tank we carry a 47 litre Reservoir that allows a gravity feed so no complex pumping systems are required or the AutoPot Flexi Tank Reservoir is a simple to assemble water storage reservoir that fits in an odd corner and comes in 100, 225, 400 and 750 litre capacity tanks.   
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47L Resevoir & Lid - 4mm Grommet Fitted

A great way of making sure that your plants have all the water and nutrients at all times.Gravity fe..


Buckets & Lids

Buckets and Lids. Available in 5L, 10L and 20L..


Flexi Tank

The all new AutoPot Flexi Tank Resevoir comes in a variety of sizes and revolutionise water storage,..


Net Pots

A variety of net pots in a range of sizes for propagation to complete plant growing ..


Root Pouch Fabric Plant Pots

Root Pouch Fabric Plant Pots Root Pouch Fabric Plant Pots can be used for any type of size of p..


Round Plant Pot Saucers

a complete size range of round plant pot saucers to suit our range of black round plant pots.3 Litre..


Square Flexible Tray

An innovative solution for grow rooms with restricted access points, these Square Flexible Trays fit..


Square Plant Pot Saucers

Square Plant Pot Saucers  to suit all our Atami Wilma Square Pots which are available in the fo..