Ionic Hydro Bloom Soft Water

Ionic Hydro Bloom is scientifically proven as the most complete and 100% pure stable solutions that deliver the essential nutrients and minerals that plants need during hydroponic growing. During the blooming phases plants reproductive cycles put a huge demand on the plants cells to stimulate energy to grow larger higher quantity yields and Ionic Hydro Bloom for soft water gives the plants all the needed minerals and nutrients to keep them fuelled for lasting production of crops.

Ionic Hydro Bloom soft water provides the purest elements without alterations for the complete uptake of 100% pure nutrients in the correctly balanced ratios. Ionic Hydro Bloom for soft water has been proven to propel flowering and creates more robust, higher quality crop yields that will be more potent and aromatic. 

Benefits of Using Ionic Hydro Bloom Soft Water

Made from 100% mineral salts- no chemically enhanced additives or impurities
Offers the purest forms of mineral and nutrient elements
Completely balanced and in a stable solution for ease of use
Designed for the entire flowering and fruiting phases of plant growth
For the best performance- combine with Ionic Boost for better crops
Perfectly balanced PH with a buffering agent perfect for soft water
Also available in hard water formula

For the best quality, quantity and potency of crops using Ionic Hydro Bloom for soft water will give you the optimal completely balanced nutrients and minerals to give you the best crop yields.

Dosage: 7ml per 1 Litre Of Water 

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Ionic Hydro Bloom Soft Water

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