LED Grow Lights

LED Grow Lights

Years of research and development have been invested by companies to design the optimal LED grow lights systems. These systems are crucial for maximizing the crop yields. They come with superb benefits like low energy usage and zero-heat emission. In comparison to other kinds of grow lights, LED Grow Lights enable for much cooler, quitter and efficient growth space. LED Grow Lights systems come in different sizes (module and diode amounts), thus allowing you to pick the optimal size for your growth space. More advanced models can be controlled remotely with the option to separately adjust and control the output of every single diode. All of this eventually leads to better control over your plant growth process and crop yield. Expert growers agree that LED Grow Lights are the best solution in the domain of grow lights. 

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Kind LED Grow Light

The K3 – L300 LED Grow Light:Dimensions: 15″ x 11″ x 3″Weight: 13 lbs.Actual Wattage: 220wHID Wattag..


Plessey Hyperion White 400w LED Grow Light System New

Plessey Hyperion White 400w LED Grow Light System

Plessey Hyperion White 400w LED Grow Light System Plessey Hyperion White LED 400w Lighting Syst..