Canna Start

Canna Start

An exceptionally balanced solo nutrient for both seedlings and rooted cuttings, Canna Start is an excellent source of nutrient for various growth mediums including jiffy plugs, seed mix, coco pellets and most other substrates. However, Canna Start is not recommended for clone or re-circulating system. 

Canna Start is especially beneficial in keeping the plant from yellowing during its early growth stages. Most dilutions do not contain enough macro/micro elements which can cause yellowing. Canna Start is comprised of the perfect ratio of the necessary nutritional elements needed for young seedlings and cuttings. Canna Start works exceptional well in conjunction with other Canna nutrients. Canna Start also helps avoid overfeeding, which can be detrimental for younger seedlings and cuttings. 

Directions for use: 

  • Fill nutrient reservoir with water as per usual
  • Add 40 ml product to 10l water MAXIMUM
  • Desired pH level: 5.2-6.2
  • Recommended drain: 10%
  • Avoid over fertilization 
  • Not recommended for use in wooded or swampy areas, reed beds, hedges, surface water, in or near groundwater collecting areas or in protected nature preserves
  • Store in a dark place. Avoid extreme heat or cold temperatures
  • Keep away from children and animals
  • Wear protective gear such as gloves and goggles when using Canna Start

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Canna Start

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