VitaLink Additives

VitaLink Additives

VitaLink additives have undergone an extensive scientific research and development in order to allow for numerous benefits in the field of hydroponic gardening. These products are aimed to help you maintain good performance and plant health within your growth environment. VitaLink additives represent powerful products for nutritional hydroponic gardening that provide optimum levels of all nutrients that plants might need for healthy growing. Most of VitaLink additives specifically promote improved plant yields.
Key Features


·         All additives come in 1L and 250ml size
·         VitaLink Buddy, VitaLink Fulvic, and VitaLink Silicon Max also come in 5 L size
·         Promotion and enhancing plant’s health and overall quality
·         Increased production of larger and improved leafs, buds, flowers, and fruits
·         Faster top quality performance results

VitaLink offer includes 8 top ranked products, developed to target specific plant features. You can boost calcium and magnesium intake with VitaLink Cal Mag, grow a stronger root with VitaLink Root Stim, and much more. Explore all VitaLink additives today!

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VitaLink Buddy

Vitalink Buddy VitaLink Buddy is a powerful additive to any nutritional hydroponic gardening en..


Vitalink Cal Mag

VitaLink Cal MagVitaLink Cal Mag is a Calcium and Magnesium supplement to help any gardener develop ..


Vitalink Finale

VitaLink FinaleVitaLink Finale is a final stage flushing agent to slowly remove nutrients from the f..


Vitalink Fulvic

VitaLink Fulvic VitaLink Fulvic is a pure Fulvic acid that aids in boosting the metabolism proc..


Vitalink PK 13/14

VitaLink PK 13/14VitaLink PK 13/14 is a highly concentrated potassium and phosphorus supplement with..


VitaLink Root Stim

VitaLink Root Stim VitaLink Root Stim is an additive designed to promote root growth for strong..


Vitalink Silicon Max

VitaLink Silicon Max VitaLink Silicon Max has been developed to strengthen individual cell wall..


VitaLink Turbo

VitaLink Turbo gives plants a significant boost. The plant itself as well as flower size will signif..