Dutch Pro Additives

Dutch Pro Additives

Dutch Pro is the pioneer in gardening additives and they have been the choice of professional gardeners in Holland for over 30 years. Dutch Pro additives are scientifically proven to support superior root strength and overall health of plants in all types of medium from soil, clay, hydroponics and Rockwool. Dutch Pro Explode is an all-in-one bloom and fruit booster with the reproduction support of extra phosphorus, potassium, vitamins, micro-nutrients and acids needed to produce larger, more potent crop yields. Dutch Pro Multi-Total provides abundant microbes to improve soil and water retention and fends off diseases and root rot while increasing the uptake of much needed micro-nutrients and minerals. Dutch Pro Take Root stimulates ultimate root growth propelling the cell division and elongation which gives a boost to the nutrient uptake. The increased uptake of minerals and micro-nutrients provides overall plant health and gives a boost to create larger more productive crop yields. 

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Dutch Pro Calmag New

Dutch Pro Calmag

Dutch Pro Calmag is a supplementary additive that will correct deficiencies of magnesium and calcium..


Dutch Pro Explode

Dutch Pro Explode is a power flowering booster to the overproduction and essential oil increaser for..


Dutch Pro Multi Total

Dutch Pro Multi Total is a root booster enzyme treatment to super propel root system growth and stre..


Dutch Pro Silica (Von Liebig Special) New

Dutch Pro Silica (Von Liebig Special)

Dutch Pro Silica is used to increase yield and stress train your plant. Silica improves the uptake o..


Dutch Pro Take Root

Dutch Pro Take Root is specifically developed using 100% natural ingredients that include essential ..