Reflective Sheeting

It is well known that your plants need to be supplied with abundant amounts of light for all growth processes to be completed successfully. Most of the time, available light is not fully used and it gets wasted. It doesn’t have to be the case anymore. With reflective sheeting you can make sure that all available light is redirected to your plant, with minimal light-leakage. Now, you can surround your grow area with reflective sheeting to reflect the light from your lamp back to the growing space. Some reflective sheeting can even be used to effectively separate two growing areas with different dark/light cycles.

Grow world has included the most popular reflective sheeting products in its offer. You can choose between a number of manufacturers, product features and size. We are confident that at least one product from our offer will perfectly meet your indoor garden needs.

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Diamond Reflective Sheeting

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Mylar Reflective Sheeting

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Orca Grow Film Reflective Sheeting

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