Canna Terra Vega

Canna Terra Vega 

Specifically designed to bolster strong, lush shoot and root growth and development, Canna Terra Vega is a solo nutrient that contains all of the essential nutrients your plants require for optimal growth. Canna Terra Vega can be used indoors and outdoors as well as in both plant beds and containers. It is easy to use and dissolves easily in run-to-waste systems.

Canna Terra Vega contains high levels of nitrogen which allows for maximum absorption of both water and nutrients for optimal shoot and root development. The nutrients in Canna Terra will react in coordination with the medium to provide for excellent growth and development for a bountiful and lush harvest.

Terra products are not recommended for use with North American peat products, especially those of bulk grade, as they require long term pH control and lack a nutrient starter charge. For this medium, we recommend Canna Terra Professional Plus.

Directions for use:

  • Dosage: 50 ml solution per 10 l water max
  • Use 1-3 times per week for fertile soil or daily for less fertile soil
  • Not for use in hedges, reed beds, swamps or woods, surface waters, groundwater collecting areas or in protected nature reserves
  • Store in a dark place away from extreme heat or cold
  • Keep away from pets and children
  • Wash hands after use and wear protective gear such as gloves and goggles.

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Canna Terra Vega

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