Propagation Nutrients

Propagation nutrients are absolutely necessary for health and well being of your plants, especially during the early growth stages. They will ensure fast root generation while creating a strong root base that can withstand shocks and stresses.  Grow World offers a number of premium quality propagation nutrients and root stimulants that were developed through the years in research labs all over the world, from Canada to New Zealand. Depending on your growth medium you can find the most suitable product within our exceptional offer. Furthermore, most products come in different sizes to provide you with even more flexibility when choosing your perfect propagation nutrient. All products offered by Grow World guarantee the best results and most importantly strong and healthy plants. Do not wait any longer, start growing healthy roots today!
Note: Make sure you follow carefully the dosing instructions indicated in each product description.

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Advanced Nutrients Voodoo Juice

Advanced nutrients Voodoo Juice is a premium quality root stimulant that was developed through years..


Atami Rootbastic

Start using Atami Rootbastic WHEN THE ROOTS are approximately 2 inch long. This will occur during th..


BioBizz Bio Heaven

What is Bio Heaven ?How to use Bio·HeavenBio·Heaven™ is a specially formulated plant energy booster ..


BioBizz Root Juice

What is Root JuiceWhen All Mix or Light Mix are used, the plant can best be fed with Root Juice duri..


Canna Rhizotonic

An extremely resourceful algae-based, vegetative stimulator for root development, Canna Rhizotonic i..


Canna Start

An exceptionally balanced solo nutrient for both seedlings and rooted cuttings, Canna Start is an ex..


Clonex Mist

Clonex Mist Clonex Mist is easy to use giving …• Fast root generationClonex® Mist has been inde..


Clonex Rotting Gel

CLONEX ROOTING HORMONEAs the absolute unlimited rooting hormone used worldwide in both private and c..



Formulex is an all-purpose mixture of nutrients for either hydroponic or soil gardening needs. It is..


House and Garden Roots Excelurator

House and Garden Roots Excelurator House and Garden Roots Excelurator has quickly become known ..



For best use, do not premixUse all of the solution within 24 hours. Dispose properly after use accor..


VitaLink Plant Start

Vitalink Plant Start VitaLink Plant Start is formulated to significantly enhance growth and roo..


VitaLink Root Stim

VitaLink Root Stim VitaLink Root Stim is an additive designed to promote root growth for strong..