ONA Odour Neutralizing Blocks

ONA Odour Neutralizing Blocks 

ONA Odour Neutralizing Blocks are the solid wax blocks, designed to efficiently eliminate and control unpleasant airborne odour. Each wax block contains a complex mixture of 32 essential oils that provide you with the industrial strength odour neutralizer, safe for home and business surroundings. It is completely safe for people, pets as well as plants. Wax block’s contents get released in a timely fashion to destroy the strongest odours. Due to its compact size, this product is ideal for being used in small to medium sized spaces, keeping them from free of undesirable scents and odours. 

The practical design of ONA Odour Neutralizing Blocks enables them to be easily placed in a variety of spaces, such as gym bag, hallway closets, around dog baskets, toilets or litter trays. Use ONA Odour Neutralizing Blocks in your car, motorcycle or boat to avoid the scent of stuffiness due to long-term storage. 

Key Features

  • Available in Pro, Fresh Linen, Polar Crystal and Apple Crumble scents
  • Comes in 170g size
  • Total product weight is 0.22kg
  • Estimated effectiveness for 4 weeks (depending on airflow and environment)

User Instructions 

To unlock the power of ONA Odour Neutralizing Blocks, remove the lid from the container or completely take the block out from the casing for maximum exposure. To further increase the exposure, grate a piece of the wax block into a bowl. Releasing the contents by drilling the holes in the lid will prolong the lifetime of the block and regulate the air contact, making it suitable for closets and similar spaces. 

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ONA Odour Neutralizing Blocks

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