BioBizz Nutrients

BioBizz Nutrients

BioBizz Nutrients are the result of years of dedicated research aimed to provide the best 100% organic liquid fertilizing products. These nutrients are excellent choice for all types of soils and growing substrates. Besides being scientifically tested and of high quality, these nutrients are quite affordable. They come in two types, BioBizz Bio Bloom and BioBizz Bio Grow. BioBizz Bio Bloom contains the right amount of trace elements, hormones, enzymes and amino acids, all necessary for excellent flowering. On the other side, BioBizz Bio Grow contains Vinasse, 100% Dutch organic sugar beet extract that successfully activates a bacterial flora in growing substrate. This in turn helps in growing healthy plant and having large crop yields. BioBizz Nutrients are highly recommended by experienced growers, and perfectly safe to use by beginners if instructions are followed. 

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BioBizz Bio Bloom

BioBizz Bio BloomBioBizz Bio Bloom is a complete liquid organic fertilizer which contains a small am..