Other Hydroponics Additives

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Essentials Oxyplus

ESSENTIALS OxyPlus is a liquid additive that can be used in hydroponic or soil systems to increase o..


Grotek Monster Bloom

Grotek Monster Bloom has gained a reputation for its ability to assist plants during the middle stag..


GuanoKalong Bat Guano

GuanoKalong Bat GaunoGuanoKalong Bat Guano is a 100% natural bat dung for unprecedented results. Cen..


Halo Foliar Spray

HALO Foliar Spray has been extensively tested throughout the world and will provide a range of benef..



Nitrozyme has been scientifically formulated to increase crop yields, photosynthesis capacity and ch..


Rock Resinator

Rock Resinator is a revolutionary flower enhancer that will dramatically increase essential oil prod..



For best use, do not premixUse all of the solution within 24 hours. Dispose properly after use accor..