Canadian Xpress Additives

Canadian Xpress Additives

Canadian Xpress Additives are special types of fast acting nutrition products. They are scientifically developed to optimally support plant needs during the times of greatest stress, particularly flowering. Canadian Xpress Additives combine best ingredients to provide you with top quality nutrients. Most of Canadian Xpress products can be used throughout the whole growth cycle.

Canadian Xpress Additives currently offer four products: Canadian Xpress Head Masta, Canadian Xpress Mighty Growth Enhancer, Canadian Xpress Regen-A-Root, and Canadian Xpress Superior Potash. These products come in two sizes, 1L and 5L, to best accommodate your quantity needs for additives.

It is recommended to combine different products in order to enhance certain product features. In this way, Canadian Xpress Superior Potash combined with base nutrient will ensure a high level of quality potassium necessary for proper flowering. Additionally, combination of Regen-A-Root with Canadian Xpress Wilt Guard provides a powerful protection against pathogens and plant diseases. 

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Canadian Xpress Head Masta

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Canadian Xpress Mighty Growth Enhancer

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Canadian Xpress Superior Potash

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