Easy Roll Light Hangers
Powerplant Easy Roll are small pulleys that are used to raise and lower lights effortlessly. By adjusting the tolerances on each unit even heavy light units can be easily moved and then remain in position, eliminating the need for untidy chain or string. Easy-Rolls are capable of supporting up to 10kg and sold in sets of two, these useful little gizmos are extremely handy as you can easily maintain the gap between lights and plants as they grow.

Easy Rolls are very easy to set up you simply suspend them from the hooks provided or some of your own and then tie the pully cords to your lighting reflector. Each Easy Roll has a wingnut on the side which you have to adjust to the weight but once this is done no further adjustment is necessary.

Easy Rolls have many uses for example they are ideal for hanging baskets that are just out of easy reach. With Easy Rolls you can pull baskets down with ease and a gentle push sees them back to position.

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Easy Roll Light Hangers

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