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Grow tents are not all equal in terms of light filtration from outside and within along with strength, durability and internal light reflection. The Mammoth Classic Grow Tent comes in at a lower price point but delivers all the quality and durability you can expect from a Mammoth Grow Tent. Super quality zipper strength without light seepage along with hammered silver Mylar lining for optimal reflection. When lights are out, no light filters through and when it’s lights on, no light filters outside and combined with the sealing of zippers, drawstring inlets and double stitching provides a completely sealed unit. All of the Mammoth quality tents are extremely durable and reflect light for optimum growth and the Mammoth Light Grow tent is no different. More geared toward the rookies for easy setup and usability. The Mammoth Gavita Elite Grow Tent is shaped in a rectangle for strict use of the HPS lamps that never reflect in a square and the tent is dimensionally conducive to proper reflection for optimal growth. 

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Mammoth Classic Grow Tents

Mammoth Classic Grow TentThough Mammoth Classic Grow Tents come with a value-for-money price tag, do..


Mammoth Gavita Elite Grow Tent

Mammoth Gavita Elite Grow TentThe Mammoth Gavita Elite Grow Tent was specifically designed to work p..


Mammoth Lite Grow Tents

Designed with strict specifications and extreme quality, Mammoth Lite Grow Tents provide superior du..