Grow Light Accessories

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Black Box Contactor/Relay with Timer

The Black Box Contactor/Relay Timer range is a professional heavy-duty industrial lighting switch th..


CFL Lamp Holder with Plug

The Plug and Grow CFL Lamp Hanger comes with a standard E40 lamp fitting, 4 metre cord and 13amp Plu..


Easy Roll Light Hangers

Powerplant Easy Roll are small pulleys that are used to raise and lower lights effortlessly. By adju..


Ecotechnics Powerstar Contactor/Relay

The Ecotechnics Powerstar Contactor/Relay have been specifically designed to allow the timed switchi..


Jack Chain

Use our Jack Chain to your hang carbon filters and grow light reflectors 2mm thick pre-galvanised so..


Lumii HID To CFL Converter Lead

Lumii HID To CFL Converter Lead If you want to use a CFL lamp with an standard reflector - you ..


Lumii Rope Ratchets

Lumii Rope Ratchets 2pkThe LUMii Rope Ratchets are optimally designed to assist you in regulating th..


Powerplant Cord Set

Used to hang Envirolites alongside or in between your plants to provide efficient and very effective..


Powerplant Heat Shield

The Powerplant Heat Shield has been specifically designed to shield plants and prevent leaves burnin..


Powerplant Heavy Duty Timer

Powerplant Heavy Duty Timer The Powerplant Heavy Duty Timer is the only timer that you will ne..