Plessey Hyperion White 400w LED Grow Light System

Plessey Hyperion White 400w LED Grow Light System

Plessey Hyperion White LED 400w Lighting System - delivers powerful Hyperion white light - that is perfect for both vegetation and flowering phases. The high-quality and clever arrangement of LED's create the perfect spectrum of white light consisting of the six basic colours: green,blue, red, yellow, violet and orange. Using less power consumption yet equivalent to a 600 watt lighting system - you will soon the benefits of the Hyperion White LED Light - when you see how increased efficiency provides a greater return on your crop.

Plessey Hyperion White LED 400w Lighting System features:

  • 762 µmol/s light output
  • 1.9 µmol / joule efficiency
  • Hyperion White LED Light perfect for both veg and flowering
  • Equivalent to sodium grow lights
  • 40% energy saving versus high pressure sodium
  • IP66 rated for full pressure heavy dust and water proofing
  • Range of proven spectrum's for different applications
  • Spectrum tailor made to suit grower requirement
  • Install on an existing trellis to minimise shading and cost
  • Comes with up to 5 years warranty

Plessey Hyperion Research & Development:

Plessey have a history covering over 100 years, however since 2011 with sharing knowledge with research scientist, horticulturalist and growers has enabled aided the development of a low energy Hyperion White Light LED solution with proven results that - winning it the coveted Elektra ‘LED Product of the Year’ award in 2016.

An affordable option for any indoor / green house grower - and a ultimate game changer when its comes to energy efficient LED lighting systems.

Plessey Hyperion White LED 400w Daylight Spectrum

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Plessey Hyperion White 400w LED Grow Light System

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