Plagron Coco A&B

Plagron Coco A&B

Plagron Coco A & B is a highly concentrated bio-based mineral nutrition, to use in the growth and flowering stage of the plant. These two components fertilizer is easy to use and includes a balanced diet for optimal results.

Composition Cocos A: water, calcium nitrate, magnesium nitrate, potassium nitrate. NPK fertilizer (4-0-1). 3.9% Total nitrogen (N) of which 3.9% nitrate nitrogen (NO 3 ), 1% water soluble potassium oxide (K 2 O), 4.5% Calcium (Ca).

Composition Cocos B: Water, magnesium, magnesium nitrate, mono-potassium phosphate, phosphoric acid. NPK fertilizer (1-4-2). 1% Total nitrogen (N) with 1% nitrate nitrogen (NO 3 ), 4.1% water-soluble phosphorus pentoxide (P 2 O 5 ), 2.4% water soluble potassium oxide (K 2 O).


  • Contains easily absorbable nutrients within a wide pH range
  • Highly concentrated, so economical in use
  • There is no crystallization occurs in the nutrient
  • Suitable for all watering systems 

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Plagron Coco A&B

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