Hydrozone Replacement Ceramic Plate

The most effective way of dealing with odours at source!

Put simply, ozone gas (O3) oxidises and destroys any organic molecules that are present in the air. An odour is merely a collection of free floating molecules that hang around in the air ..getting up your nose ! . Ozone does not mask or Ionise , it literally destroys the odour molecule as it mixes with the growroom air. The other major benefit of having ozone present in the air is that it will also destroy any living pathogen spores or molecules : i.e Botrytis and other moulds . It is also effective in controlling growroom bugs, as ozone gas attacks the respiratory system of most growroom bugs... " spider mites and whitefly really dont like ozone!

The Hydrozone Ozone Generator will treat rooms to 100 cubic metres in size.


- Adjustable output level

- Utilises Corona disscharge which is more reliable than UV ozone generators.

- Completely removes odours

- Kills airborne mold spores

- Safe to use

- Full 1yr warranty

* PLEASE BE AWARE..Although safe in the general levels produced by an 'in-room' domestic generator, Ozone gas is corrosive and we do not reccomend using any Ozone generator where small children or those with respiratory problems are in close proximity to the growroom *

* ALWAYS use Hydrozone Ozone test kit  to monitor the level of gas present in the home & PLEASE contact us for any further information or guidance required.

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Hydrozone Replacement Ceramic Plate

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