Plagron Nutrients

Plagron Nutrients

Plagron Nutrients are scientifically developed and tested products that deliver the highest quality nutrients to your plants. These are highly concentrated bio-based mineral nutrients. They come in the form of liquid fertilizers that are easy to use, especially important if you are a beginner. Plagron nutrients are designed to ensure optimal flower formation and finally the best product taste.

Plagron Nutrients offered through Grow World come in two options: Plagron Coco A & B, and Plagron Terra Grow. Plagron Coco A & B is comprised of two components that provide a balanced diet for plants. On the other hand, Plagron Terra Grow comes as a single highly concentrated solution that can be mixed with any additives and liquid fertilizers.
Both products are suitable for use in all watering systems, while Plagron Terra Grow can be applied to all types of soil as well. They come in few sizes, ranging from 1 L to 20 L.

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Plagron Coco A&B

Plagron Coco A&BPlagron Coco A & B is a highly concentrated bio-based mineral nutrition, to ..


Plagron Terra Grow and Bloom

Plagron Terra Grow is a highly concentrated bio-based mineral nutrition, to use in the growth of the..