Canna Hydro Flores

Canna Hydro Flores

Designed specifically for nutrient systems where the drainage actually drains as opposed to returning to the nutrient tank, Canna Hydro Flores is not recommended for soil based substrates. It can be used with most hydroponic mediums, with the exception being coco coir. However as clay pebbles and rockwool are inert, it is extremely beneficial to use this revolutionary product for proper nutrition. Canna Hydro Flores if composed of all of the necessary minerals to help boost the fruiting and flowering stages as it contain many essential nutrients that are imperative during this stage of growth.

Plants use less nitrogen during the fruiting/flowering stage so Canna Hydro Flores contains greater levels of phosphorus and potassium, as opposed to high levels of nitrogen. It is full of chelated trace elements that absorb quickly and easily. 

Canna Hydro Flores is available in both soft and hard water version so please make sure you are purchasing the correct type for your growing media. We also recommend adding Canna Pk 13/14 as (3 weeks before harvest) and Canna Boost Accelerator in conjunction with Hydro Flores as combined these two will provide optimal fruiting and flowering growth to your harvest.

Directions for use: 

  • Never mix Parts A & B, nor other additives in their concentrated form. Also when adding parts A & B, wait 15 minutes between each application to avoid an adverse chemical relaxation
  • Recommended dosage 2-4 ml
  • 10-20% run-off
  • Adjust pH levels accordingly per your specific plant type
  • Mix equal parts A & B separately (waiting 15 minutes before adding part B) in nutrient tank. Let sit a few hours before use.
  • Do not over saturate or over fertilize
  • Store in a dark place. Do not expose to extreme temperatures
  • Wear gloves and protective eye gear when using
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets

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Canna Hydro Flores

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