Hailea Low Level Water Pumps

Hailea Low Level Water Pumps 

These versatile little Hailea Low Level Water Pumps have fully adjustable flow rate regulators (not HX-2500) and have the ability to work in low water level conditions. HX2500 and HX-4500 models also come with oxygen intakes as standard.


  • ABS case and high quality stainless steel shaft, suitable for fresh or sea water and ideal for use with nutrient salts.
  • Inbuilt flow regulator to control flow easily.
  • Ideal for pumping nutrients in NFT, flood and drain or other hydroponic systems.
  • Mounted on suction cups for secure location.
  • Designed for continuous use.
  • HX2500 and HX4500 water pumps have oxygen intakes as standard.



Power - 3 watts 

Flow Rate - 285L/H

Max Jet - 0.5 metre

Outlet Diameter - 13mm

HX-1500 PUMP

Power - 5 watts 

Flow Rate - 400L/H

Max Jet - 0.7 metre

Outlet Diameter - 13mm

HX-2500 PUMP

Power - 12 watts 

Flow Rate - 650L/H

Max Jet - 1.3 metre

Outlet Diameter - 13mm - 19mm

HX-4500 PUMP

Power - 36 watts 

Flow Rate - 2000L/H

Max Jet - 2.8 metre

Outlet Diameter - 19mm

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Hailea Low Level Water Pumps

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