Secret Jardin Monkey Tent Fan 16w Front

Secret Jardin Monkey Tent Fan 

The Monkey Fan from Secret Jardin is an air circulation fan featuring a unique attachment that allows it to clip to the vertical poles of grow tents. Moving the fan up and down is easy when hung on a side pole, this isn’t the same when hanging it off one of the top horizontal poles. With the new secret Jardin Fan with Clip you can keep the air movement in your grow without problems. The new system of head makes sure that it reaches all the corners of your crop.


  • Suitable for 16mm - 19mm grow tent poles
  • 16 Watts, 1500 and 2200RPM
  • 2 speed
  • 15 cm diameter
  • metal housing
  • designed to be attached to the metal tubes in grow tent frames
  • Pre wired

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Secret Jardin Monkey Tent Fan

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