Growth Technology 6 Inch Clip On Fan

6 Inch Clip On Fan 

The 6-Inch Clip-on Fan is a great little product that’s ideal for keeping the air moving around in a small area such as a grow tent, without it taking up valuable floor-space like a pedestal fan. The fan can be clipped to a tent frame, shelf or any similar width fixing. The main body can be tilted and swivelled on the clip so that it points in the direction that you want it to blow. The fan has 2 speeds and is designed to create very little noise. The fan only uses 15 Watts of power which makes it very cheap to run.
Simply locate the fan by squeezing the ends of the clip together and locating the jaws over the pole a tent-frame, shelf or similar width item and release. The jaws will hold on, keeping the fan in place. Rotate and tilt the head on it’s pivot so that it is pointing in the correct direction. Plug the fan into a mains outlet and then switch the fan to “1” for a light breeze or to “2” for a stronger flow of air. The switch can be set back to “0” to switch the fan off again.

Never connect an air circulation fan to a fan speed controller. Only use the fans own speed switches to control the fan speed. If an air circulation fan is connected to a fan speed controller designed for in-line duct fans then it will burn out and possibly start a fire.

Keeping the air moving around in a small area such as a tent, is easy with this small 6 Inch Clip-on Fan. The fan can be quickly attached to tent frame or a shelf and doesn’t take up the space of a pedestal fan. Great little product.

  • Keeps the air moving around in your tent
  • Quickly and easily clips to a tent-frame, shelf or similar
  • Doesn’t take up floor space like a pedestal fan
  • Well-made and reliable
  • Switchable 2 speed
  • Only 15 Watts power consumption
  • Tilts and rotates to point the air flow where it is needed

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Growth Technology 6 Inch Clip On Fan

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