Ecothrive Coco - Pre-Mixed with Charge (2%) 50 Litres

 Ecothrive Coco - Pre-Mixed with Charge (2%) 50 Litres

This premium-grade, pre-buffered coco coir from the team at Ecothrive is supplied ready-mixed with the mighty 'Charge', an insect frass product that's used by world-record breaking gardeners to accelerate growth rates and increase the size of their end product. Ecothrive Charge works by delivering slow-release nutrition, boosting populations of beneficial microorganisms, and stimulating plants' natural defence systems. Try it and you won't be going back. It's that simple.

  • Speeds up vegetative growth times
  • Provides the benefits of both hydroponic and organic growing methods
  • Contains an even mix of Charge right the way through the substrate
  • Mixed in at a rate of 2% (a full litre of Charge per bag)
  • Ready to go straight out of the bag - no need for rinsing
  • Premium-grade coco that's fully buffered (certified by the RHP)
  • Delivers a mild, slow-release supply of macro and micro nutrients (which won't burn your plants!)
  • Wards off pests and helps to prevent diseases
  • Introduces 450 billion beneficial microorganisms to rootzones!

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Ecothrive Coco - Pre-Mixed with Charge (2%) 50 Litres

  • Product Code: Ecothrive Coco - Pre-Mixed with Charge (2%) 50 Litres
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