How To Supercharge Your Garden

How To Supercharge Your Garden

This book on how to supercharge your garden is for anyone looking to increase their plant yields and achieve the absolute maximum output from their growing systems. How to supercharge your garden is not ideal for beginners as it covers a lot of advanced topics but its perfect for growers with a bit of experience behind them looking to increase their knowledge. That said supercharging your garden can serve as a good reference book for beginners to find out specific information such as ideal environmental conditions and recommended PH and nutrient levels.

The techniques of supercharging your garden are simple but a working knowledge of plants and what they need is essential to achieve maximum results from these techniques. This book will explain the workings of plants, how to root cuttings for production and how to grow plants for super production covering such topics as:

how plants work in detail

  • how each plant hormone affects growth
  • easy cutting and rooting methods
  • various hydroponic growing methods
  • well-kept trade secrets on growing
  • Plus get answers to:
  • why the wrong PH can harm plants
  • why plants need oxygen
  • why it is better to add carbon dioxide
  • why various light bulbs give different plant yields

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How To Supercharge Your Garden

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