Advanced Nutrients Liquid Bud Blood

Advanced Nutrients Bud Blood Bloom Stimulator contains an exclusive mix of specialized hydroponics ingredients specifically developed by scientists who’ve studied floral promoting and development.

This extensive research has allowed these scientists to pinpoint exactly what promotes floral development and blooming in our types of plants… and… they put this proprietary knowledge to use in BUD BLOOD’s ingredients.

Because Bud Blood contains superior forms and perfect ratios of potassium, phosphorus, sulfur and other key bloom-enhancing ingredients it gives your plants exactly what they need to not just produce bigger, more plentiful buds… but also… it literally forces your crops into their flowering phase sooner and gets you to a valuable harvest as quickly as possible.

You Get Stronger Roots And Juicier, Tastier, More Aromatic Buds…

The special ingredients in Bud Blood Bloom Stimulator strengthen plant roots and increase their performance and efficiency. That means your plants more easily suck up nutrients, water and all the other essential factors they need to grow strong, fast and bigger.

Plus, you’ll see less crop losses and stronger, happier plants because these ingredients have been scientifically proven to help plants promoting from improper pH, nutrient deficiencies, water problems, and oxidation.

What’s more: these same ingredients promote the production of floral substances that give your harvests enhanced aroma and taste… along with… making your flowers look better, so they have a higher market value.

All this of course means: you’ll have stronger plants and lose less crops each cycle… while at the same time… you’ll be making it easier for your plants to grow fast and bloom big so you get an amazing harvest faster… and with less effort… that is much more valuable to you.

Simple And Easy To Use No Matter How You Choose To Grow…

Using Bud Blood Bloom Stimulator is incredibly simple and easy. You only use it during the initial transition when you switch your plants from early growth to bloom phase.

Plus, it mixes quickly. No mess, no bother. And it blends perfectly with your base fertilizer and any other additives you are using.

Not only that, but Bud Blood Bloom Stimulator has been tested and proven to work with all hydroponics, sphagnum, coco coir and soil growing mediums. It’s also been developed for use with any and all hydroponics, aeroponic, drip irrigation, NFT, ebb and flow and continuous liquid feed growing systems.

So no matter what feeding program you’re giving your plants… and no matter what type of growing you’re doing… you can still count on Bud Blood Bloom Stimulator to give you bigger, juicier buds faster and get you to a valuable harvest sooner.

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Advanced Nutrients Liquid Bud Blood

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