Advanced Nutrients Hammerhead PK 4/10

Advanced Nutrients Hammerhead PK 4/10

Advanced Nutrients Hammerhead PK 4/10 is the modern alternative to the standard PK type flowering boosters available today. PK-type boosters were originally designed a long time ago for agricultural outdoor use where phosphorous is quickly washed out of the soil. With indoor growing this does not happen and so the ideal ratio of P to K is different. Advanced Nutrients have formulated Hammerhead to have the ideal ratio of P to K for indoor gardening. Hammerhead provides exactly the right amounts of supplemental P and K for optimal bloom boosting without over-fertilising or burning your plants.

Advanced Nutrients Hammerhead PK 10 also contains various other ingredients that your plants require a lot of during peak-blooming such as magnesium that other PK boosters do not contain. Try Hammerhead instead of your usual PK booster and then see, smell and weigh the difference in your crops.


  • PK 4/10 (2-4-10)
  • Creates bigger and heavier blooms of superior quality
  • Flowering booster
  • Great results alongside advanced nutrients big bud

Use 2ml per litre of water. Use in weeks 2-6 of flowering stage.

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Advanced Nutrients Hammerhead PK 4/10

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