600w Omega Digital 5" Cool Tube Grow Light 


These lighting kits feature the Coolshade reflector which is arguably the most effective air-cooled reflector on the market. Its simple design enables extremely efficient air throughput and great cooling. The reflector has been recently redesigned to include a reflector attatchment that better spreads the light. To use this reflector you would need to employ a suitable extractor fan. Which fan to use would depend on how you intend to use the Coolshade:

The best way to use Coolshade lights is to get an extra extraction fan that just runs the light. You want to use this fan and some suitable ducting to get the coolest air possible, move it through your Coolshade and then extract it out and away from your growing environment so you don\'t then recycle the hot air.  Use the info below to select a fan for use with your coolshade light.

Single Coolshade: RVK125 or RVK150A1
Two Coolshades:  RVK150A1
Four Coolshades: RVK150L1 or RVK200A1

600w Omega Digital Dimmable Ballast

HID lighting is the professionals’ choice for maximising crop growth. Omega Lighting’s state of the art Ballasts are ideal for powering HID lamps. They offer the user the ability to control power output to the bulb which not only protects the lifetime of the bulb, it also helps to reduce growing costs.

his top of the range dimmable Ballast features a unique 4-setting control which offers dimming options of 250W, 400W, 600W and a super-lumen setting of 660W. All Ballasts feature a 1 metre mains lead with flying IEC lead for safety and are wall mountable. CE certified and guaranteed. Also comes with a 5 year guarantee



This latest 600W High Pressure Sodium(HPS) Grow Light benefits: accelerate development and hearty flowering!

  • Power: 600 watts (High efficiency)
  • Expected Life Span: 29,000 hours
  • Lumen: 91,000 lumens
  • Contains more red spectrum, which is best for flowering.
  • Strong power to penetrate fog
  • High output, high luminescence efficiency.
  • Fit for all standard 600 watts HPS grow light systems. Great for hydroponic grow use

The vast majority of a Dual Spectrum Grow Lamps output is in red light. However the beauty of a Dual Spec is that it also delivers enough blue light to enable you to use it continually though both the Vegative and Flowering stages and saving on the need for 2 separate bulbs.

The Sunmaster Dual Spectrum Lamp is the dual spectrum grow lamp from the ever increasing Sunmaster/Venture Lighting range of of grow lamps. It uses the same technology as the Sunmaster 600W Son-T-Plus 95,000 lumen lamps, but instead of producing the extra 5000 lumens of red light (the Grolux produces 90,000 lumens) they have tweaked the extra output to provide more blue spectrum.


The Philips 600W Son-T Plus Dual Spectrum HPS-AGRO lamp is a dual-spectrum lamp with a high 90,000 lumens output. The lamp produces light in the orange/red part of the spectrum for an excellent flowering process. 

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600w Omega Digital 5" Cool Tube Grow Light 

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