Mammoth Classic Grow Tents

Mammoth Classic Grow Tent

Though Mammoth Classic Grow Tents come with a value-for-money price tag, don’t be fooled by the cost: they’re streets ahead of low-grade alternatives on the market. They’re intensively researched and tried-and-tested, with all of the features required for the perfect indoor garden. There are built-in access points and facilities for accommodating all of the necessary equipment for your setup. They’re also manufactured using heavy-duty fabric and constructed using high-strength steel poles.

Photosynthesis is the lifeblood of your plants; for this reason, they are very finely attuned to variations in light cycles. Cheap tents with weak spots that cause light-leaks can lead to disastrous results. That’s why you need a grow tent with the reliability of the Mammoth  Classic when the zips are closed, this tent forms a properly sealed unit. Light cannot penetrate through and disturb the ‘lights-off’ period – the inside always stays 100% pitch-black. Conversely, high-intensity indoor lighting can be used comfortably during the ‘lights-on’ period without ever being visible from the outside: light energy produced by your lamp is directed towards your plants, where it’s needed most! This is all made possible with high-quality double stitching, drawstrings for all inlets and premium-grade lightproof zippers. Zips are an area that the Mammoth team pay particularly close attention to – tough enough to handle the rigours of everyday use.

95% of light hitting sidewalls is directed back towards the centre of the tent via a layer of reflective hammered-silver mylar lining. The hammering effect helps to re-distribute light evenly, eliminating ‘hot-spots’ that occur when creases or indentations on a smooth surface cause light to be reflected back in a concentrated zone. The effect is similar to that of a magnifying glass in the sun, and can cause burning to leaves and flowers. With the Mammoth Classic, issues like these are never a problem.

The Classic Grow Tent is also supplied with extra strong hanging tubes, supporting up to 20 kilos and providing more than adequate support for duct fans, carbon filters, lighting and other equipment

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Mammoth Classic Grow Tents

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Mammoth Classic Grow TentThough Mammoth Classic Grow Tents come with a value-for-money price tag, do..