Mammoth Gavita Elite Grow Tent

Mammoth Gavita Elite Grow Tent

The Mammoth Gavita Elite Grow Tent was specifically designed to work perfectly with the Gavita  e-series grow lights. Combining this tent and reflector will result in optimal uniformity and optimal yield. Unlike Traditional grow tents being 2 metres high these tents are 2.4 metres high giving extra height for your plant to benefits from the amazing light from gavita e-series lighting.

The footprint of a HPS lamp is not square and so you will never achieve optimal light uniformity with a single fixture in a square grow tent.

For this reason Gavita and Mammoth have ensured their 4 new tents are not square, they are the perfect dimensions for use with the new M110 reflectors from Gavita. G1 versions suitable for 1 1000w light or  G2 versions suitable for 2 1000w lights.

  • 100% water proof floor - Can be used as a water tray
  • Heavy duty frame - 22mm steel poles
  • Made from highly reflective Mylar
  • Easy to assemble
  • Light proof design
  • extra 40cm height than traditional grow tents

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Mammoth Gavita Elite Grow Tent

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